Learn more about your visitors and help them to make the most of what you offer, with real time information at your fingertips. Schedule targeted events and exhibitions, create member-only events, get clear fundraising guidance – all safe in the knowledge of what your visitors really want.

Give them what they want

Gateway UK is changing… Gateway Insight CRM is here

As a forward thinking museum or visitor attraction you need to know who your visitors are, when they visit and what they do when they visit you. Data is woven into every aspect of our modern lives, we produce data on a scale greater than ever before and being able to leverage this information is becoming key to managing a modern business. For a progressive museum, visitor data is vital in order to turn interested people into visitors and visitors into active supporters.

Armed with real time information, your management can use Gateway Insight CRM to make informed business decisions to improve service levels, increase visitor engagement and drive income generation. Knowing a visitor’s previous behaviour can allow you to predict future trends, increase sales to existing customers and attract potential new visitors. Proactive, personalised marketing campaigns can be launched and monitored, timely and relevant special offers can be created and issued, and a true value attributed to each and every visitor.

Realising that museums need much more than the Worlds’ Leading Ticketing solution Gateway UK has developed Gateway Insight CRM. By combining two best in class solutions – for ticketing, memberships / friends, retails and catering (Galaxy from Gateway Ticketing) with customer and fundraising management (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) – Gateway UK is able to provide museums of all shapes and sizes with a powerful, integrated platform that will provide the features that they require.

Gateway Insight CRM provides:

  • Seamless integration to the Gateway Ticketing System ensuring that all related purchase and usage information is available for action within CRM
  • A powerful, configurable workflow engine that allows for automation of visitor engagement tasks such as pre and post visit email generation and delivery
  • A powerful segmentation capability that allows for visitor groupings to be identified and addressed (e.g. An email to all people who have bought tickets last year but haven’t done so this year)
  • Seamless integration to Microsoft Outlook allowing for easy tracking of incoming and outgoing email conversations, and the conversion of emails into customer service cases
  • Seamless integration to online marketing solutions allowing for powerful, trackable email and social media campaigns to be planned, launched and tracked within CRM
  • Powerful BI data visualisation and list generation tools allowing authorised staff to display relevant metrics in real time; and
  • A highly configurable platform upon which to base all visitor and stakeholder management capabilities that an attraction may require to meet their specific needs

In short we provide the tools to help you drive visitors along the value scale; converting web site visitors into exhibition visitors, members, donors and sponsors.

Read about how Tim Reeve, Deputy Director & COO at the V&A Museum, sees the V&A leveraging Gateway Insight to optimise revenue generation and improve their business. The V&A museum use Gateway Insight to optimise revenue.