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Ticketing for Zoos & Gardens

The Gateway Ticketing Systems UK Visitor Management & Ticketing system offers a wide range of tools to enable you to sell more, increase your revenue and manage your costs.

Whether it’s offering premium animal encounters at your front gate or accepting donations online, the Gateway system offers a flexible solution to meet yours, and your customers’, ever growing needs.

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Ticketing for Museums & Historic Houses

The Gateway Ticketing Systems UK Visitor Management & Ticketing system offers a whole host of tools to enable you to increase your income, manage your costs and offer timed ticketing.

With built in Gift Aid prompts and the facility to accept donations, the Gateway system offers a one stop shop for museums & historic houses which will have your customers coming back time and time again.

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Ticketing for Attractions & Events

The Gateway Ticketing Systems UK Visitor Management & Ticketing system offers a flexible solution with attractions and events in mind, allowing you to increase throughput, collect marketing data and offer last-track entry.

Whether it’s a one off blockbuster exhibition or a twice daily stunt show, the Gateway system can assign seats, offer timed tickets and ensure everyone is accounted for.

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The World Leader in Ticketing & Admission Control

Our robust Galaxy® solution integrates ticketing, admission control, resource management, group sales, online ticketing sales, retail, food and beverage, membership/pass/donor management, plus reporting and CRM.

Sell Tickets On-Site & Online + Admission Control

As a significant revenue driver, ticketing must reach customers how they wish to be contacted to turn them into guests. Your site, your business, and your needs are unique. The Galaxy Ticketing System has the flexibility to run your business your way.

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CRM+ and Reporting+

You already collect a wealth of data about your guest during their purchase process. CRM Plus | Powered by Galaxy® lets you leverage that data to serve them better and boost your revenue. While Reporting Plus | Powered by Galaxy® lets you access accurate and up-to-date reports that are crucial for your daily operations and long-term strategic planning.

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When a guest becomes a member of your organization, Galaxy can help you deliver extra-special service. It can function as a standalone membership management system or integrate with other fundraising and donor management systems.

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Selecting the appropriate equipment for your venue can enhance your operational efficiency, improve the guest experience, and simplify your staff’s day. Instead of worrying about hardware, concentrate on your mission. Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. collaborates with hardware manufacturers and worldwide suppliers to assess, test, provide, maintain, and support all the equipment required to operate your site confidently.

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Resource Management

The Galaxy Resource and Capacity Management module coordinates venue and resource availability to help sites schedule timed, ticketed events and make them available through all sales channels. Galaxy/Capacity Management supports restricting ticketing purchases relative to event start time, reserving blocks of tickets, and managing capacity for an event venue or time slot.

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