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For Sales of Event Tickets Allowing You To Control Timed Entry And Capacity

The Galaxy Resource and Capacity Management module coordinates venue and resource availability to help sites schedule timed, ticketed events and make them available through all sales channels. Galaxy/Capacity Management supports restricting ticketing purchases relative to event start time, reserving blocks of tickets, and managing capacity for an event venue or time slot.

Let’s customers create:

  • Timed tickets to control admission volume throughout the day
  • Capacity-managed tickets for recurring and one-time events
  • Concurrent instances of the same event at tiered rates (e.g. VIP pricing vs. standard pricing)
  • Timely reporting to monitor event status, including the number of spaces sold, pending sale, and still available
  • Ticket holds to reserve a set number of tickets (e.g. for VIP or ADA guests) 
  • Event rosters to collect the names and information of guests purchasing event tickets
  • Wait lists to assist with contacting guests if tickets for the sold-out event become available
  • Price schedules based on event dates, times and criteria

Offers the following competitive advantages:

  • Efficient allocation of resources–employees or venues 
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Ability to quickly edit multiple events at once
  • All sales channels (e.g. POS, eGalaxy Web Store, Kiosk) reference the same capacity record, which helps to prevent overselling.
  • No need to set aside capacity for partner sales, Reseller partners (via Reseller Web Store) and OTA partners (via Galaxy Connect) utilise the same capacity records to ensure all available capacity can be sold.
  • Galaxy Planner provides a calendar-based view that displays all event and resource availability.

Addresses the following customer pain points:

  • Finding an appropriate event for a group of guests can be difficult. With Galaxy Resource/Capacity Management, event attributes let customers filter events based on criteria to find the best options for their guests.
  • Using a separate tool to reserve rooms for events is a hassle. Galaxy Resource/Capacity Management allows customers to reserve rooms and makes the reservation information available to all staff.
  • Timed ticketing is becoming a standard in the post-Covid world. Using Galaxy Resource Management allows you to not only sell timed tickets, but maximise revenue by giving partners access to the same “pool” of tickets. No need to set aside capacity in the hopes they sell.