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Source Your Hardware with Us to Ensure Optimal Performance

Selecting the appropriate equipment for your venue can enhance your operational efficiency, improve the guest experience, and simplify your staff’s day.

Instead of worrying about hardware, concentrate on your mission. Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. collaborates with hardware manufacturers and worldwide suppliers to assess, test, provide, maintain, and support all the equipment required to operate your site confidently.

Benefits of procuring your hardware equipment from us includes:

  • Tailored to your needs – Various options are available to you based on your unique needs and desires.
  • Fast and reliable – We offer top-quality hardware that is proven to “just work” with your Galaxy ticketing system.
  • Single source support – Whether you need support for software or hardware, just reach out to us for all your needs.

Available options include:

  • Point of sale systems – We have hardware options that meet your needs, from tablets to ticket booths.
  • Ticket, PVC, and receipt printers – Proven, reliable thermal printers backed by Gateway Ticketing support.
  • Self-serve kiosks – Indoor, outdoor, wrapped or unwrapped, we have a variety of options to meet your needs and brand standards.
  • Admission gates – Turnstiles, scanning podiums, handheld mobile scanners. We offer a variety of devices to accommodate the busiest attractions across the globe.
  • Server or Serverless – You can house your own infrastructure or let us host it in the cloud.