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Empower Your Team with Knowledge

To fully utilise the Galaxy ticketing solution, it’s important to understand its capabilities. Gateway Ticketing Systems offers a range of resources to assist all types of learners in mastering the Galaxy system. You can achieve your business objectives and make the most of the powerful Galaxy solution by providing your team with the necessary skills and confidence.

Knowledge Base

With the Gateway Knowledge Base, you can easily search through the Galaxy documentation and find helpful solutions for any software support you may need. This online resource offers step-by-step guidance for configuration, common issue resolutions, and sample operational scenarios.

Learning Portal

The Learning Portal from Gateway Ticketing Systems provides a range of self-paced learning modules for system administrators and end users. As a System Administrator, you can work through interactive e-learning presentations that cover basic and advanced configuration options and apply them in real-world situations. Meanwhile, end-users can learn and practise in a simulated sales environment. The courses cover topics for system administrators, finance personnel, end-user cashiers, and more.

Customised Training with an Instructor

Are you seeking a more personalised approach? Collaborate with our experienced instructors to create a customised training programme that caters to your requirements. Following a brief consultation, the Gateway instructor will devise a comprehensive training plan, which may involve an in-person visit, virtual online sessions, recommended self-paced courses, or a combination of all three.

  • Flexibility: We can design and deliver instructor-led Galaxy training for nearly any audience, content area and time frame.
  • Personal attention: For learners without a technical background, the Gateway instructor can provide more practise and allot more time for questions.