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Aerospace Bristol will take off this summer with Gateway’s Visitor Management solutions

Gateway Ticketing Systems (Gateway) supplies Aerospace Bristol with a comprehensive visitor management solution including fundraising, ticketing, admission control, retail solutions, reporting tools and customer relationship management.

Aerospace Bristol is a new industrial heritage museum being developed at Filton, to the north of Bristol. Due to open this summer, the museum will tell the story of Bristol’s world-class aerospace industry – past, present and future. Aerospace Bristol’s show-stopping centrepiece will be Concorde 216. Designed, built and tested in Bristol, she was the last Concorde to be built and the last to fly.

“We are very excited to open our museum this summer and having Gateway as a partner is central to support and unify our operations from online booking to advanced financial reporting and fundraising campaigns” explains Lloyd Burnell, Executive Director of Aerospace Bristol. “We will take advantage of their industry expertise and knowledge to create a smooth customer experience for our visitors.“

Aerospace Bristol will implement Gateway‘s solutions before the opening day.

“Being able to capture donations and donor information prior to opening and all their visitor information from day one is a great advantage for Aerospace Bristol. Getting closer to their visitors and knowing what their interests are will help Aerospace Bristol develop offers that meet and exceed their expectations,” explains Andy Povey, Business Development Director at Gateway.


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About Aerospace Bristol
Aerospace Bristol will be a major industrial heritage museum and learning centre that inspires and entertains today’s and future generations, through the presentation of the stories and achievements of Bristol’s world-class aerospace industry – past, present and future. Aerospace Bristol will reunite the heritage from a number of important collections to tell not only the stories of design, engineering innovation and achievement, but also the social history of the people who worked in the aerospace industry and the communities which have grown up around it. The object collection contains over 8,000 artefacts (many ‘at risk’) Bristol-built aircraft including Concorde 216, Bristol Scout, Bristol Fighter and a Blenheim IV (WWII Bristol Bolingbroke bomber, under restoration), as well as many scaled models.

Customer Relationship Management: What You Need To Know

Q&A with Dave Langran, Technical Director, Gateway Ticketing Systems

Dave LangranFor more than 15 years, Dave Langran has been helping attraction venues nurture deeper relationships with their members through powerful technologies. Recently, Dave developed a seamless integration between Galaxy® point-of-sale software and Microsoft Dynamics to create CRM Plus, an invaluable customer relationship tool for museums, zoos and aquariums, and other attractions to gain a stronger understanding of their visitors and take informed actions to nurture them.

At its core, what is Customer Relationship Management or CRM?

Dave: It’s knowing who your customers are. It can start out as gathering simple demographics such as age, gender, income and marital status. But the magic really happens when you gather more in-depth information such as transactional history, interests and engagement patterns.

How does having this detail benefit an attraction?

Dave: Armed with this information, they can develop marketing programs that provide mutual benefit for their customers and ultimately, their venue. Let’s imagine that you can run a report and see all your past visitors who have young children but haven’t visited your museum in the past 12 months. If you have a new exhibit on dinosaurs, you might want to do a targeted email campaign to these parents or grandparents touting the interactive features of this exhibit.

Are there other benefits of CRM?

Dave: Absolutely. In addition to being a marketing tool, CRM can maximise fundraising and donation opportunities for nonprofits. It can also give insight into the viability of commercial opportunities such as sponsorships, or events and conferences. Plus, with an integrated approach like Gateway’s CRM Plus, it can reduce administrative burden by providing that crucial 360° view of the customer through one solution.

Tell me about CRM Plus | Powered by Galaxy, what makes it unique over other CRM software?

Dave: A lot. It’s next-generation customer relationship management. The secret is in the seamless integration with Galaxy® point-of-sale software. Galaxy is where all the purchase and usage history lives for customers, members and donors – from ticket or retail purchases on-site at your venue to online ordering of tickets, meal packages and more. This information is fed back real-time into CRM Plus, allowing an invaluable snapshot of your customers at any moment.

CRM Plus also enables you to develop powerful, configurable workflows that automate customer touchpoints such as pre- and post-visit emails. To ensure the right message is getting to the right people at the right time, CRM Plus has insightful segmentation capabilities that allow you to group similar customers together to deliver highly personalised marketing messages. Finally, CRM Plus integrates with commonly used platforms including email providers, social media and other web applications providing a continuous feedback loop.

How would you summarise customer relationship management and CRM Plus?

Dave: CRM is a strategy supported by technology. And CRM Plus | Powered by Galaxy is the only technology that provides a real-time 360° customer view through one solution.


For more information, download CRM Plus Product Sheet

Kidzania Reaps Rewards of Integrated CRM & Ticketing

Gateway Ticketing UK (Gateway) supplies timed ticketing and integrated CRM tools for Kidzania London to ensure smooth sales and marketing processes for a busy mall environment


The timed ticketing and integrated CRM delivered by Gateway allows KidZania to manage demand, visitor flow and avoid long queues in Westfield Shopping Centre, while increasing revenue by enabling the sale of more tickets at a better yield.

When planning for Kidzania commenced it became clear that its popularity with young families and its location in a very busy mall environment could create a large volume of traffic which the mall would be unable to cope with. Both the check in desk and the mall environment had the potential to become congested and this needed to be addressed immediately to ensure overcrowding was avoided.

A solution was sought which would help reduce queues, maximize revenue generation and integrate seamlessly with KidZoft. After an extensive search Gateway ticketing UK was selected to do the job.


“The main attractions with Gateway were the tried and tested software, the experience of their team and the strength of their existing client portfolio and we have already been impressed by their approach to our needs as a new customer” said Helen Carpendale, COO


In order to streamline the flow of visitors it was decided to allow families into the attraction at regular intervals during the day; effectively spreading out the families’ arrival at the check in desk. By encouraging visitors to arrive through the day, rather than at the regular 2 timeslots each day, the families wait time was significantly reduced on entering the mall environment and at the check in desk.

During the planning phase of Kidzania London it was shown that the combination of controlled capacity timeslots and the loss of the midday changeover allowed the attraction to increase its theoretical capacity by around 25% whilst at the same time reducing queue times and increasing guest satisfaction.

Gateway software provides KidZania with the tools and training to manage the capacity of each timeslot on an ad-hoc basis meaning they can increase and decrease capacity and timeslots based on each day’s trading. This requires no changes to the software itself and can be done in house by any trained and responsible team member.

With Gateway providing the software KidZania London were also able to utilize online sales which allows families to pre-book into any timeslot available which is tightly capacity controlled. When a timeslot becomes full it becomes unavailable for purchase and the customer is shown only those slots with tickets available. By encouraging pre-booking with guaranteed entry times and online only discounts Kidzania London is able to control demand on busy days and give a VIP experience to those customers who pay in advance and choose the best timeslots. The webstore also allows parents to pre-pay for food packages meaning the children do not need to carry real world money around the City and ensuring each child spends in Food & Beverage locations.

Not only have KidZania London seen a large increase in capacity of the attraction but the flexible software has enabled them to also increase revenue. Price-programs built into the system give KidZania London complete control of pricing so that pricing can be controlled by timeslot, day and season. By applying a slightly higher price to oversubscribed entry times KidZania London can increase revenue and encourage visitors to choose a less busy day; smoothing demand whilst also adding to their bottom line.

The first 6 months of trading saw KidZania London flow smoothly even with the exceptionally busy Christmas Trading Period in the Mall and increase revenue through a number of strategies including adding Food & Beverage offerings to online sales, encouraging repeat visits of school children and by managing the capacity and pricing of entry very closely.

The integration of Galaxy software into KidZania London allows the team a great deal of flexibility but also the ability to get to grips with their business through in depth analysis of their visitors. By using Gateway Insight to analyse their customer data KidZania London gain useful insight into what people are buying, where they are travelling from and much more. Easy to interpret dashboards allow high level data to be shown live in offices all around the site in order for teams to work more effectively.


Andy Povey – Business Development Director at Gateway Ticketing Systems UK said “Working closely with the Kidzania teams in London and Mexico City has been a great experience. Integrating our proven timed ticketing solution into the bespoke Kidzoft system has resulted in the best of both worlds for Kidzania London. The Kidzania development team are now able to focus on their specialist area while the Kidzania London team are able to take advantage of our world leading ticketing, booking and integrated CRM tools. We look forward to our continued partnership with KidZania and working together on future projects.”


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Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. is the world leader in admission control and ticketing software for the attraction, amusement, and transportation industries.


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Gateway Ticketing Systems UK was established in 2012 and provides admissions solutions and integrated CRM to museums and galleries; heritage attractions and historic houses; zoos and gardens and theme parks and events.

In under three years of operation in the UK, Gateway has secured ten new clients including the Roman Baths & Fashion Museum, Bath, Kew Gardens, London and V&A Museum, London.

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