Kew Gardens selects Gateway’s Integrated CRM System

Gateway Ticketing Systems UK has provided a new ticketing and customer relationship management (Gateway Insight CRM) system for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Gateway Insight CRM system went live at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in April 2014 and has also been installed at Kew’s Wakehurst site in East Sussex. The improved CRM system gives a single view of the customer across its entire organisation. This enables Kew Gardens to easily keep track of its customers and ultimately to convert more day visitors into members.

In addition, Gateway Insight is also providing time and capacity controlled ticketing for Kew’s Pagoda. The Pagoda creates a new revenue stream for Kew and will increase visitor secondary spend.

Commenting on the announcement, Andy Povey, Operations Director at Gateway Ticketing Systems UK, said, “Kew is an iconic attraction that draws visitors from across the globe and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them on this exciting project. Gateway has many years’ experience in helping businesses improve their ticketing and CRM systems and we look forward to helping Kew increase their revenue and improve visitor satisfaction and loyalty.”

The selection of Gateway Insight by Kew for its integrated CRM underlines the company’s strong presence in the Museums and Heritage sector.

Gateway Insight CRM provides:

  • Seamless integration to the Gateway Ticketing System ensuring that all related purchase and usage information is available for action within CRM
  • A powerful, configurable workflow engine that allows for automation of visitor engagement tasks such as pre and post visit email generation and delivery
  • A powerful segmentation capability that allows for visitor groupings to be identified and addressed (e.g. An email to all people who have bought tickets last year but haven’t done so this year)
  • Seamless integration to Microsoft Outlook allowing for easy tracking of incoming and outgoing email conversations, and the conversion of emails into customer service cases
  • Seamless integration to online marketing solutions allowing for powerful, trackable email and social media campaigns to be planned, launched and tracked within CRM
  • Powerful data visualisation and list generation tools allowing authorised staff to display relevant metrics in real time; and
  • A highly configurable platform upon which to base all visitor and stakeholder management capabilities that an attraction may require to meet their specific needs

Gateway Insight CRM is hosted in the Microsoft Cloud (in the EU for European customers) and, hence, requires no IT resources from customers in order to use the service. The user interface is available within an internet browser, on mobile devices and directly from within a Microsoft Outlook client.

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