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Ticketing for Attractions & Events

The Gateway Ticketing Systems UK Visitor Management & Ticketing system offers a flexible solution with attractions and events in mind, allowing you to increase throughput, collect marketing data and offer last-track entry.

Whether it’s a one off blockbuster exhibition or a twice daily stunt show, the Gateway system can assign seats, offer timed tickets and ensure everyone is accounted for.

Reduce queues

The system is engineered from the ground up focusing on making the role of the cashier as simple as possible. Our easy to use point of sale can help improve accuracy, maximise data capture and increase throughput for all attractions.
 Ticket sellers can be trained quickly and with intuitive menus can be processing up to 4 transactions per minute.

Increase income

The Gateway Visitor Management & Ticketing system comes with various tools to enable you to increase income. Variable ticket pricing has enabled many customers to significantly increase average ticket price whilst increasing guest satisfaction scores.
 Advanced booking allows you to lock in the guest visit avoiding the need for tactical discounting, putting you ahead of your competitors at peak trading times.
 Our upsell and package tools allow you to create bespoke offers to increase revenue. Whether it’s a family package or simply adding a guide book your ticket sellers will be able to easily select new options for your customers.


The Gateway Ticketing Systems UK Visitor Management & Ticketing software enables you create membership records easily at your front desk and print full colour cards for them there and then. Instant Memberships allow for associated discounts, member benefits and easy entry for your guests (and no more mailing out cards for you!) With photo ID stored with each card you can easily recognise members and validate them for fast track entry, discounts and special offers from any Gateway till point.

Manage costs

Gateway reporting tools allow you to predict attendance which in turn enables you to smooth out demand and operate at optimum staffing levels.
Gateway’s real time reports enabled customers to predict demand for onsite facilities such as catering and retail reducing wastage and overheads.
 Better customer data allows you to target the right people at the right time substantially reducing marketing costs.

Timed ticketing

Reduce queue times and pre-plan your operational needs with timed admission slots. Gateway Software gives you the opportunity to limit capacity and timings to suit your needs whether it’s for an hourly venue tour or special exhibitions.
 Timed ticketing works through advanced channels too, allowing you to control guest flow into your venue when guests pre-book. Many of our customers use this to spread guests through the day easing the load on the front desk at peak times and substantially reducing wait times whilst increasing income.

A one stop shop

Manage your admissions desks, membership records, retail sales and event details from one central location, and track sales whenever and wherever they take place. With everything in one place reporting becomes effortless, leaving you more time for business analysis.
 Online reporting tools will allow for anyone, anywhere to monitor trading so even when you are out and about in the attraction you can get a birds-eye view of your business needs. Spend per Head and secondary revenue are easily viewed across all admissions, retail and F&B areas from one place.