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European UGM Agenda



Held at Radisson Blu
The Royal Mile, 80 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TH

Welcome Reception: 19:00-21:00  |  Tuesday, 8 May, 2018  |  St. Giles Ballroom
Conference: Wednesday-Thursday  |  9-10 May, 2018 
Networking Event: 19:00-21:00  |  Wednesday, 9 May, 2018  |  Edinburgh Castle


Evening | 8th May | Tuesday

19:00 – 21:00 › Welcome Reception
Radisson Blu  |  St. Giles Ballroom


Day 1 | 9th May | Wednesday

10:00 › Introduction: Don Eash & Andy Povey  |  Gateway Ticketing Systems

10:40 › Getting in Focus for 2018: Don Eash  |  Gateway Ticketing Systems

11:45 › Creating the Ideal: Dave Langran  |  Gateway Ticketing Systems

13:30 › Welcome from our host  |  Historic Scotland

14:00 › Engaging with Different Audiences: Jemma Mansfield  |  NMRN

14:30 › Galaxy Tips and Tricks: Wanda Kalbach & Carly Straughan  |  Gateway Ticketing Systems

15:30 › A word from our sponsors: Bill Crane  |  TLS BOCA Systems

16:15 › Creating a Visitor Portal: Jonas Buhl Gregersen  |  Tivoli Gardens

16:55 › Open Forum


19:00 – 21:00 › Networking Event
Edinburgh Castle


Day 2 | 10th May | Thursday

10:00 › Welcome: Andy Povey  |  Gateway Ticketing Systems

10:15 › Trends in the Industry: Bernard Donoghue |  ALVA

10:45 › The Customer Experience – The Vital Ingredient: Stephen Spencer

11:45 › Galaxy{connect} Update: Wanda Kalbach  |  Gateway Ticketing Systems

13:30 › Exit Surveys: Lauren Childerhouse  |  SS Great Britain

14:00 › What’s new in Galaxy 7.2: Matthew Hoenstine |  Gateway Ticketing Systems

14:30 › Hints and Tips From a Galaxy Power User:  Roland Mailleux | Compagnie Des Alpes

15:00 › Customer Roundtables – Hot Topics for 2018

15:30 › Getting Visibility of Your Attraction: Ian Robinson

16:15 › The Gateway Visitor Portal: Matthew Hoenstine & Don Eash  |  Gateway Ticketing Systems

16:45 › Moving Forward in the UK and Europe with Gateway: Andy Povey & Don Eash  |  Gateway Ticketing Systems

17:00 › Open Forum


We look forward to you joining us in Edinburgh, sign up here

Gain Ownership of your Ticketing Operations for more Flexibility


Case Study: The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords of the United Kingdom each playing an important role in Parliament’s work. There are a number of ways UK residents and overseas visitors can visit the Houses of Parliament including commercial tours.


The Houses of Parliament used to outsource their commercial tour ticket sales. This arrangement met their needs while they were only opened during summer and their ticket offer was simple.

When Saturday and weekday openings were introduced in 2010, The Houses of Parliament required a flexible and cost-effective ticketing system to support the forecasted increase in visitor numbers and a more complex range of offers including additional tour options and linked offers with the catering department.

“Gaining ownership has allowed us to be more flexible, extend our offer and deliver the projects we wanted to do,” explained Matthew Morgan Commercial Operations Manager at The Houses of Parliament.


The House of Parliament started to look for an in-house solution allowing them to manage their ticketing and admission control as well as creating bespoke offers.

Following a tender process, The Houses of Parliament chose Gateway Ticketing Systems (Gateway) to supply a solution for online and onsite booking facilities including admission control and online sales.

Gateway’s solution gives them the ability to easily manage both advanced and real-time bookings from various locations and for both groups and individuals. Front-house teams have found the new points of sales very easy to use and Gateway created The Houses of Parliament’s web store using the same visual identity as their website for a smooth online customer experience. 

Since Gateway has been installed and training provided, The Houses of Parliament configure the system themselves and make any required changes in-house while Gateway ensures system maintenance and service support.


The Houses of Parliament can now manage their own ticketing operations and be more proactive with their offering as well as getting closer to their customers.

“Since we’ve implemented Gateway; our visitor numbers have increased by 13% per year and our income by 20% year on year.” observed Matthew Morgan, Commercial Operations Manager

A new dedicated team
Following the implementation of Gateway’s system, a new dedicated booking team was formed and trained to better answer any customers’ demands and consequently increase the Houses of Parliament’s customer satisfaction.

Bespoke offers
The Houses of Parliament are now able to create new ticket options in the system for special occasions, as and when required, for both online and on-site sales. Gateway’s system can be easily configured in-house to achieve what they want to do with their customer offer, in a timely manner.

Deeper relationship with visitors
The Houses of Parliament are looking at integrating a customer relationship management solution, CRM Plus | Powered by Galaxy, to be able to engage in a deeper relationship with their visitors, creating more relevant communications and bespoke offers.

Increase sales
Taking advantage of Gateway’s continuous development, The Houses of Parliament are also interested in joining Gateway’s Galaxy Connect community to engage in more global ticket distribution through online travel agents. More information about Galaxy Connect available on www.galaxyconnect.com


Download a copy of this Case Study


Kidzania Reaps Rewards of Integrated CRM & Ticketing

Gateway Ticketing UK (Gateway) supplies timed ticketing and integrated CRM tools for Kidzania London to ensure smooth sales and marketing processes for a busy mall environment


The timed ticketing and integrated CRM delivered by Gateway allows KidZania to manage demand, visitor flow and avoid long queues in Westfield Shopping Centre, while increasing revenue by enabling the sale of more tickets at a better yield.

When planning for Kidzania commenced it became clear that its popularity with young families and its location in a very busy mall environment could create a large volume of traffic which the mall would be unable to cope with. Both the check in desk and the mall environment had the potential to become congested and this needed to be addressed immediately to ensure overcrowding was avoided.

A solution was sought which would help reduce queues, maximize revenue generation and integrate seamlessly with KidZoft. After an extensive search Gateway ticketing UK was selected to do the job.


“The main attractions with Gateway were the tried and tested software, the experience of their team and the strength of their existing client portfolio and we have already been impressed by their approach to our needs as a new customer” said Helen Carpendale, COO


In order to streamline the flow of visitors it was decided to allow families into the attraction at regular intervals during the day; effectively spreading out the families’ arrival at the check in desk. By encouraging visitors to arrive through the day, rather than at the regular 2 timeslots each day, the families wait time was significantly reduced on entering the mall environment and at the check in desk.

During the planning phase of Kidzania London it was shown that the combination of controlled capacity timeslots and the loss of the midday changeover allowed the attraction to increase its theoretical capacity by around 25% whilst at the same time reducing queue times and increasing guest satisfaction.

Gateway software provides KidZania with the tools and training to manage the capacity of each timeslot on an ad-hoc basis meaning they can increase and decrease capacity and timeslots based on each day’s trading. This requires no changes to the software itself and can be done in house by any trained and responsible team member.

With Gateway providing the software KidZania London were also able to utilize online sales which allows families to pre-book into any timeslot available which is tightly capacity controlled. When a timeslot becomes full it becomes unavailable for purchase and the customer is shown only those slots with tickets available. By encouraging pre-booking with guaranteed entry times and online only discounts Kidzania London is able to control demand on busy days and give a VIP experience to those customers who pay in advance and choose the best timeslots. The webstore also allows parents to pre-pay for food packages meaning the children do not need to carry real world money around the City and ensuring each child spends in Food & Beverage locations.

Not only have KidZania London seen a large increase in capacity of the attraction but the flexible software has enabled them to also increase revenue. Price-programs built into the system give KidZania London complete control of pricing so that pricing can be controlled by timeslot, day and season. By applying a slightly higher price to oversubscribed entry times KidZania London can increase revenue and encourage visitors to choose a less busy day; smoothing demand whilst also adding to their bottom line.

The first 6 months of trading saw KidZania London flow smoothly even with the exceptionally busy Christmas Trading Period in the Mall and increase revenue through a number of strategies including adding Food & Beverage offerings to online sales, encouraging repeat visits of school children and by managing the capacity and pricing of entry very closely.

The integration of Galaxy software into KidZania London allows the team a great deal of flexibility but also the ability to get to grips with their business through in depth analysis of their visitors. By using Gateway Insight to analyse their customer data KidZania London gain useful insight into what people are buying, where they are travelling from and much more. Easy to interpret dashboards allow high level data to be shown live in offices all around the site in order for teams to work more effectively.


Andy Povey – Business Development Director at Gateway Ticketing Systems UK said “Working closely with the Kidzania teams in London and Mexico City has been a great experience. Integrating our proven timed ticketing solution into the bespoke Kidzoft system has resulted in the best of both worlds for Kidzania London. The Kidzania development team are now able to focus on their specialist area while the Kidzania London team are able to take advantage of our world leading ticketing, booking and integrated CRM tools. We look forward to our continued partnership with KidZania and working together on future projects.”


About Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc.

Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. is the world leader in admission control and ticketing software for the attraction, amusement, and transportation industries.


About Gateway Ticketing Systems UK

Gateway Ticketing Systems UK was established in 2012 and provides admissions solutions and integrated CRM to museums and galleries; heritage attractions and historic houses; zoos and gardens and theme parks and events.

In under three years of operation in the UK, Gateway has secured ten new clients including the Roman Baths & Fashion Museum, Bath, Kew Gardens, London and V&A Museum, London.

For more information go to www.gatewayticketing.co.uk



Gateway Ticketing Systems ideally placed to assist with challenges of spending cuts

Gateway Ticketing Systems UK ideally placed to assist with recently announced spending cuts in the Museums and Heritage Sector.


Gateway Ticketing Systems UK (Gateway) is ready to help attractions in the Cultural, Arts and Heritage sector who must tackle spending cuts or face extinction.


The recent announcement from Lancashire County Council, as reported by Museums Association, regarding the closure of 5 museums is viewed by many as an inevitable consequence of spending cuts and a pre-emptive strike before the chancellors spending review announcements.


Now that the spending review outcomes have been announced, there will certainly be major concern across the cultural and heritage sector as to how to tackle the loss of funding. As traditional central and local government spending is cut, organisations need to rapidly find additional sources of income if they are to survive. The upbeat nature of the recent Museums Association Conference in Birmingham, with its underlying resilience theme, gave many organisations hope that there was life after government spending cuts. Indeed, in many cases, the opportunities presented by gaining varying degrees of freedom from local and central government control were appealing to many leaders in the sector.


All heritage organisations have the opportunity to use their collections and buildings in different ways in order to generate income. This change of direction is hard for some, frightening for many and will pose difficult questions to all within the sector. How to remain true to traditional values and ethos, whilst becoming more commercially minded is something of a cultural shift.


Gateway has seen exactly this kind of change of commercial direction in many sectors and believes that it represents an exciting challenge, and one that Gateway is ideally placed to assist arts and heritage colleagues with. Gateway has the experience and insight to help organisations review their business plans, strategies and future approaches. Gateway also has the products and processes to turn new ideas and strategies into reality; to drive efficiency and savings whilst, at the same time, generating new lines of income.

Andy Povey, Business Development Director at Gateway Ticketing Systems UK said:

“Whilst the news from Lancashire County Council is shocking it is a huge wake up call for those in the industry. Heritage organisations must face the challenge of bridging the funding gap and this can only be achieved by opening up new income streams. Turning your free visitors into members, donors and contributors is vital for ensuring your future”


The spending cuts are here and they need to be faced. Gateway is the ideal partner to help you on this new and challenging journey.


We’re excited about your future … we know that you will be too.




About Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc.

Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. is the world leader in admission control and ticketing software for the attraction, amusement, and transportation industries.

 About Gateway Ticketing Systems UK

Gateway Ticketing Systems UK was established in 2012 and provides admissions solutions to museums and galleries; heritage attractions and historic houses; zoos and gardens and theme parks and events.

In under three years of operation in the UK, Gateway has secured ten new clients including the Roman Baths & Fashion Museum, Bath, Kew Gardens, London and V&A Museum, London.

For more information go to www.gatewayticketing.co.uk

New Visitor Management System for The Roman Baths

Gateway Ticketing Systems has added another prestigious world heritage site to its growing customer portfolio winning the contract to provide a new Visitor Management system at the Roman Baths in the historic city of Bath in Somerset, England.

Already providing visitor management systems to sites including Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle in Scotland, the Museum of the Acropolis in Greece, and the National 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York, USA, Gateway will be installing a new system for the Roman Baths, which in addition to this venue also covers the nearby Fashion Museum.

The Roman Baths allow visitors the chance to explore one of the greatest religious spas of the ancient world, while the Fashion Museum features a world-class collection of contemporary and historical dress. The visitor management system from Gateway Ticketing Systems will provide guests with the opportunity to buy tickets for both venues, either as individual or combined tickets. Each site will be running the company’s leading POS with online sales system for individuals, groups, and the travel trade, with print at home ticketing and flexible access control appropriate for use in a Grade 1 listed property.

Gateway is working with the Roman Baths team to plan the transition to the new system ensuring replication of the site’s existing reporting structures in order to support year on year comparisons while still allowing them to take advantage of the flexibility of the new system. Using Gateway Ticketing, attendance and sales data will be available in real time without the requirement for manual processes.

Commenting on the partnership with Gateway Ticketing, Patricia Dunlop, Commercial Manager for Heritage Services at Bath & North East Somerset Council said:

“We considered a number of ticketing and access control providers but decided on Gateway as the company to partner with at the Roman Baths. We believe that they can provide an excellent system and hardware but we also see them as a partner who could work with us to deliver an enhanced service to our visitors and, significantly, help us to increase revenues in the long term. We are confident our partnership with Gateway Ticketing will bring many benefits to the Roman Baths, in relation to the overall operation of the site and the customer experience provided.”

For Gateway Ticketing, UK Operations Director Andy Povey said:

“We are delighted to have partnered with the Roman Baths and to add them to our already impressive portfolio of World Heritage sites. With two sites involved in Bath, they will be making full use of both our package and upsell tools which have enabled other Gateway Ticketing customers to enjoy significant increases in revenues. The system will help to improve the visitor experience and operational activities and we look forward to working with Patricia and her team going forward to help them achieve a number of goals.”

Gateway UK provides the full range of Gateway’s world renowned revenue management solution for general admission ticketing at all venues within the attractions sector, including museums and galleries, heritage attractions and historic houses, zoos and gardens, theme parks, and events, as well as for those in the bus and ferry transportation sectors.

For information about the Roman Baths, visit Roman Baths & Fashion Museum.

For more information about ticketing and visitor management solutions, contact Gateway Ticketing on 0207 912 2022 or email sales@gatewayticketing.co.uk